Illinois Nursing Home Act

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Here in Illinois, we have one of the nation’s strongest protections for those living in nursing homes. Known as the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act (INHCA), it provides nursing home patients with strong protections against abuse and neglect, while setting high standard for the care they receive.

Unfortunately, even with the INHCA in place, some of our state’s 700 nursing homes fall short of providing the quality of care mandated by the INHCA and other related laws.

If you believe that a nursing home’s negligence led to injury or death of a loved one, or if your loved one has developed a medical condition such as bedsores, dehydration, renal failure, or hasn’t received appropriate hygiene or personal care, we can help. Our attorneys have deep experience with INHCA and related federal laws and regulations.

Our team can help hold those who commit negligence or abuse accountable for their actions. We can also help you win compensation that your loved one deserves.

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