Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents

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Being a pedestrian has become increasingly dangerous. Last year alone, more than 7,000 pedestrians were injured by cars and trucks, and the number killed in accidents has skyrocketed 80 percent since 2009.*

We understand how devastating it can be for someone walking through a parking lot or crossing a crosswalk to be hit by a car. Even a car bumping into a pedestrian can cause long-term medical problems and have a devastating financial impact, including lost wages and medical expenses.

This is especially true as drivers have allowed themselves to become distracted. Drivers using cell phones or even worse, texting while driving, has played a big part in the increase in pedestrian accidents.

The attorneys at FeganScott have years of experience helping victims hit by vehicles find economic justice, recovering both actual damages – such as lost wages and medical expenses – and non-monetary damages, including pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact us, and learn how we can help.

*IIHS Fatality Facts 2021

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