Father and Daughter Struck by Drunk Driver

One evening in October 2019, Steve Straka and his daughter were driving home from dinner when their van was t-boned by a drunk driver. Straka, who was seated on the passenger side of the car, was hit directly, leaving him with thirteen pelvic fractures and six broken ribs. While Straka’s insurance company covered his medical bills, he knew he needed to seek legal action to hold the drunk driver responsible for the damage the accident caused. That’s when a friend referred Straka to Tim Scott.

While it first appeared like the other driver was uninsured – and that Straka wouldn’t receive any compensation as a result – Tim conducted thorough research and follow up, ultimately discovering that the driver did in fact have insurance. Since the accident occurred in Illinois, and Straka was visiting from Florida, Tim discovered that Straka was entitled to underinsured motorist coverage related to one of his vehicles in Florida, and outlined exactly what Straka could expect regarding the case’s next steps.   

In the course of a year, Tim and his team were able to earn a settlement, comprised of the policy limits of each of the drivers’ policies and his own Florida insurance policy, that Straka was “incredibly happy with.”

When Tim first started working on my case, I didn’t think I would receive any sort of damages since it looked like the other driver was uninsured – but I was impressed with Tim and his determination to find answers. He dug deeper and conducted an extensive investigation, one which ultimately ended up earning the results my daughter and I deserved.

– Steve Straka

“Tim was incredibly kind and easy to work with throughout the entirety of my case,” said Straka. “He answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly, and his honesty and responsiveness never made me feel like I was left out of the loop or wondering what would come next. He has this tenacity, yet compassion, that made me feel like he took a personal responsibility to me and my case.”

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