Multiple Vehicle Accident

After an SUV plowed into Michael Trot while he was pulled over on a narrow shoulder of the highway in 2013, he blacked out and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital – where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Following the accident, Trot knew he needed legal assistance, as he was in no state to seek answers himself. Two days later, he reached out to an old partner of his, who introduced him to Tim Scott.

From the moment Tim started working on the case, he assured Trot that he was available to answer any questions he had, at any hour of the day. Throughout the legal process, Tim remained steadfast in getting the results Trot deserved, and recovered all available insurance policy limits from both vehicles that struck him.

Tim is like a hungry shark who gets after it, and just won’t stop until the job is done. He was very strategic and thoughtful when it came to his approach to my case, and he really pushed the boundaries of what I thought was even possible in an attorney.

– Michael Trot

After nearly two years of litigation following the accident, Tim helped earn a settlement that Trot was “beyond pleased and grateful for.” “With Tim, it never felt like I was just another customer or client,” Trot said. “He has an integrity and dedication that made it feel like he cared. You could really tell that he cared a great deal about not just getting the job done, but getting it done right and making sure I was satisfied.”

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